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Copper Foundation is a construction service excelling in structure and foundation services with over three decades of strong and world class quality provision of home-improvement services. Earthquake retrofitting Rancho Cucamonga, foundation repairs, post and pier construction, room additions, drainage system maintenance, repair and replacement and Caisson drilling and grade beams are some of the services among a collection of other wide ranging home-improvement services provided by Copper Foundation.

Before modern construction codes were implemented in the 1960s, not much thought was given to the effect ground activity has on buildings. Earthquake retrofitting, after the disastrous effects of some of the worst earthquakes known to the history of mankind, has become a common practice for every property owner. Earthquake retrofitting Rancho Cucamonga services is the process of making your home safer by the modification of existing structures to make them resistant to earthquakes. Earthquake retrofitting should be considered by every home owner for the purposes of family/public safety and the functionality and survivability factor of the property.

Every structure should at least be inspected for any kind of damage due to an earthquake, especially older homes that may have been built before modern building codes were established. That's why our earthquake retrofitting Rancho Cucamonga services are offered giving you the chance to have your property inspected for any repair or retrofitting needs.

Copper Foundation is committed to customer satisfaction and provision of quality work among every other aspect. Copper Foundation provides excellent quality earthquake retrofitting Rancho Cucamonga and has the projects led by its team of brilliant engineers and constructors and skilled labor. Relying on its professional conduct and expertise, Copper Foundation has attained a benchmark in the home-improvement industry.
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